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Wellness for Home and Body From Bath & Body Works

Wellness isn’t just about what goes in your body – it’s about what you put ON your body, too. That’s why Bath & Body Works is here to help you take care of it. Our body care essentials like bath bombs, body lotions, shower gels and body creams have so many skin-loving ingredients (hello, aloe, shea butter and cocoa butter) that keep you feeling soft and moisturized. With so many fragrances to pick from, you’ll definitely find one that’s so you.

But general wellness doesn’t stop there. We crafted our Aromatherapy line to take care of your mental and emotional wellbeing, too. Our Aromatherapy line is infused with essential oils to help you wake up, go to sleep or simply relax at the end of the day. From body care to wellness candles, we’ve got everything you need to feel great from the inside out.