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Coconut Skincare and Fragrance Products from Bath & Body Works

Using products infused with coconut oil is a hot trend (and for good reason). Coconut is fabulous for your skin! Whether you're searching for nourishing body care to soften & smooth, or trying to find fresh fragrances reminiscent of summers on the beach, our coconut-oil-enriched body butters are formulated with your skin's best-looking interests in mind.

Nowadays, you’re busier than ever. You deserve skincare solutions designed to hydrate over the long run, not the short term. Coconut skin products from Bath & Body Works provide long-lasting moisturizing benefits (and then some). They're also fortified with nutrient-rich ingredients that leave your skin feeling soft & hydrated. Greasy? Never. Soft? Definitely!

But where should you start with skin treatments? We suggest a variety of coconut-infused hand soaps & hand creams. Your hands are exposed to harsh elements all the time, no matter the season. Why not expose them to more nutrient-rich ingredients every day? And there’s no time like the present to add a hand cream to every bag. While you’re at it, place a hand soap at every sink. Convenience is key. Your hands will thank you!

Relaxing at the beach might seem like a far-off dream, but hold that thought. Transporting yourself to paradise is easier than you think! Seriously! The solution, of course, starts with more coconut body lotions. Simply apply them to your skin, close your eyes and let the waves of fresh fragrance wash over you. Now that you’re really enjoying yourself, add a coconut-scented 3-wick candle and/or Wallflowers fragrance to every room in your home. Dream vacay: complete.

Coconut products from Bath & Body Works are the total package—great for your skin and a tropical treat for your senses. But don’t take just anyone’s word for it. Try them yourself. Then let the results speak for themselves.