Ingredient Obsession. Vitamin E. Dry skin has nothing on this superstar.

What makes vitamin E great for your skin?

You know that popping a vitamin E might ward off the cold that’s going around. But what about smoothing it on your skin? Spoiler alert: This versatile, naturally occurring antioxidant is also your daily dose of glow. Let’s take a peek at this skin care superstar (and why we’re loving it in everything from body lotion to hand soaps to shower gels and more.)

  • It’s an iconic protector.

    Vitamin E isn’t one of those buzzworthy, tough-to-pronounce ingredients that just burst on the beauty scene. It’s been around forever, so it’s easy to forget just how amazing it is for your skin. It’s an antioxidant, meaning that it helps protect your skin from free radicals (outside toxins, a.k.a. things you don’t want in your skin).
  • P.S. If you’re looking for vitamin E on an ingredients list, you may find it listed under either tocopheryl acetate or tocopherol.
  • It’s what dry skin craves.

    A natural moisturizer, it’s a go-to for people with itchy, rough skin. What’s the best way to get a little vitamin E? Body lotion or cream! If you’re looking for lightweight, non-greasy 24-hour hydration, we recommend looking at a Bath & Body Works body lotion. P.S. Don’t go into winter hibernation without it.
  • It’s a hand-y hydrator.

    Your hands go through a lot – typing, texting, cooking, driving, etc. Give them some love with vitamin E, known for its skin-hydrating and nourishing power. And the easiest way to give love to your hands - our hand creams! They soak right into the skin, so you won’t be left with a greasy feeling.
  • It’s super versatile.

    Depending on the product, vitamin E actually benefits your body in different ways. If it’s in a leave-on goodie, like body lotion, it’ll soak into your skin then condition and hydrate. If it’s in a rinse-off form, think hand soaps, you’ll work vitamin E into your skin while washing your hands, leaving them extra nourished.
  • It may zap stretch marks and more.

    No guarantees, but some swear by vitamin E’s ability to reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks and dark patches on your skin. In addition to potentially decreasing skin imperfections…
  • It may help slow down aging.

    By keeping moisture locked into your skin, it helps keep your skin cells healthy – thus, improving the quality of the skin. In fact, vitamin E, known for its skin-hydrating and nourishing power.
  • It can block out the sun.

    Vitamin E’s antioxidants can help keep skin silky soft, all while protecting and conditioning it at the same time. It won’t replace your daily SPF, but vitamin E cream can help amp up your skin’s defenses against free radicals and harmful UV rays.