CREATING THE ULTIMATE SPA DAY AT HOME. Consider this your official agenda for chilling from a.m. to p.m.

Because you totally deserve a spa day at home.

Need a self-care day? We do, too! And the best part? You don’t even have to leave the house to have it. Let’s get you ready to go: Here’s everything you need to create the ultimate spa day at home with Bath & Body Works from morning to night.

Start your morning with fragrance

Nothing says calm morning like a candle—especially when you’re kicking off an at-home spa day. Our super-relaxing recommendations? Something woodsy always feels serene. You have to check out Vanilla Birch (hey there, sweet birch bark and sandalwood vibes) and Vanilla Sage (a soothing and sweet scent with sage and pine). Don’t forget your coffee!

Wake yourself up with an ahhhh-mazing shower you’ll never want to leave

Say it with us: phew. A great shower (with the best fragrances) will help get you de-stressed and excited for the day. Now, which body wash should you use? Leave that to us! You’ll definitely want to pick up one from our aromatherapy collection. If you need a little energy, try Orange Ginger. And to keep stress at bay: Eucalyptus Spearmint.

Then slather on hydration and good vibes

A post-shower, body moisturizing session leaves you perfectly hydrated and ready to start the rest of your spa day (whether that’s using a super-smooth body lotion or an extra-hydrating body cream). Stay soft (and fragrant) while doing some of your favorite chill activities, like a walk around the block, book reading, doing a puzzle or catching up on TV.

And in the afternoon, give yourself a hand (cream)

By now, you’re probably thinking about lunch, so while you’re sipping on a cucumber water and prepping a salad, give your hands a little love, too. Let some hydrating hand cream (blended with shea butter, vitamin E and other unique ingredients) soak into your skin for some much-needed TLC. Bonus points if you give your hand a massage, too.

Throughout the day, refresh your senses

Your fragrance deserves to be touched up every now and then, so use a light and airy fine fragrance mist to get the job done. Its scent will instantly wrap you in a blanket of your chosen spa day scent and its conditioning aloe will leave you feeling extra chill. It’s virtually a spa day win-win if you ask us.

For your evening session, soak the evening away in the tub

A bubble bath will get you ready for sweet dreams, recharge your mood and leave you feeling just overall cozy in no time at all. Pro tip: You’re going to want to pick up Lavender Vanilla. Make your bath even more memorable with a glass of your favorite adult beverage, a backlog of podcasts and your favorite single wick candle.

Rejuvenate your skin with a super-satisfying scrub

A body scrub is literally relaxation in a bottle. It smells amazing. It feels amazing. And it’s perfect for any time, but especially at the end of your super-pampering spa day bath. Here’s where aromatherapy comes back into play, but this time it’s all about our award-winning body scrub: Eucalyptus Spearmint. Soothing and uplifting, this minty goodie melts stress away like the sun to an ice cube.

And massage your worries away

Lock in moisture and give your muscles a final chance to decompress with a massage oil. As one of our most intense yet lightweight hydrators, it comes in handy for those times you just need to let some tension out. Pro tip: match your massage oil to your aromatherapy body wash.

Lastly, get the best night of sleep ever

Or: the finishing touch to the best at-home spa day ever. How? With a pillow mist, of course. Just spritz it on your pillow a few minutes before bed, then drift off to a great sleep and wake up feeling better than ever. Have sweet dreams and goodnight!