Ingredient Obsession. Shea Butter. Leaves skin feeling smooth know.

What is shea butter?

A fat extracted from the nut of a shea tree, shea butter is one of the most beneficial skincare ingredients. Not only is it a moisturizing wonder, but it’s also naturally rich in good-for-your-skin vitamins A, E and F.

What are the skincare benefits of shea butter?

There’s a reason you’ll find shea butter working behind the scenes in everything from body creams, to body lotions, to face masks. It’s like a secret weapon, keeping your skin glowing. See how.

  • It softens and smooths. A spectacular moisturizer and hydrator, shea butter smooths over dry skin, cracked skin.
  • And, it does so without the mess. We’ve all felt the oily side effects of some heavy-duty creams. Shea butter melts into skin fast, leaving a non-greasy protective barrier that seals in moisture.
  • It puts a wrinkle in aging’s plans. Packed with natural acids that protect and nourish skin, studies show shea butter can reduce wrinkles, sagging eyes and dark circles.
  • It can even heal. Remember those vitamins? Because it has vitamin E, shea butter can speed up the skin’s repair process. Sunburns, scars, stretch marks, rashes – it’s a versatile skin hero.