Our tips on getting ready for prom. From picking the perfect fragrance to packing your purse.

Prom ideas so good, you’ll nominate them for prom queen.

Sparkling dresses. Music and laughter. A night to remember. Prom is one of the most important and exciting parties of the year – so getting prepped is just as crucial. Of course, as the go-to for everything fun, fabulous and fragrance, we have quite a few recommendations – from how to get your skin super smooth to tips for finding your night-of fragrance.

Pick out your star fragrance

Think of the scent you choose as your partner for the night (even if you already have a date!). It’ll be there with you from pre-prom photos till you get home, so picking that so-you scent is extra important. If you don’t already have one in mind, we can help you find it – whether it’s meant to be your new signature or only for prom night. Just follow these pointers…

  • Get inspiration. When you’re thinking about fragrance, it’s always important to consider where you’re wearing it – so if the prom theme is nautical or beachy, start by trying a scent like Saltwater Breeze. Is the theme more like a fairy tale dream come to life? Take a peek at Twilight Woods. P.S. If the prom’s theme just isn’t calling your name, think about matching the scent to your dress (gold and sparkly totally calls for Champagne Toast) or something romantic like a floral. And you can’t go wrong with Gingham; it’s just as happy and bright the night ahead.
  • Look for minis. Odds are you’ll want to touch up your fragrance at least once during the night (the dance floor can get a little warmer than you think), so you may want to choose a scent that comes in travel size, too! This way you can keep it in your clutch (or your date’s pockets) for easy spritzing.
  • Dive in deep. Since you’re shopping scents anyway, why not really learn what you like and don’t while you’re at it? Follow our guide on How to Find Your Perfect Scent for an in-depth look at fragrance hunting (and bonus: we even teach you the right way to test a scent).
  • Shop and enjoy. It’s the best step. You just need to decide if you want a light-as-air fine fragrance mist or lavish eau de parfum. Both of these essentials have amazing fragrance power, but if you really want to spoil yourself, we’d say go for the perfume. Then, set destination to fragrance, breathe in and you’re done.
What makes Bath & Body Works perfume special?

The scents. The packaging. The exclusivity. Honestly, everything about it. When we think about creating a completely new eau de parfum, we (and our master perfumers) consider which of our fragrances should be added to the collection. Plus, each bottle is like a collector’s piece… you’re going to want to get them all.

Get your skin super smooth

Now that you’ve got your fragrance picked, now it’s time to get matching body care to spoil your skin. Once you do, here’s a quick little routine to get you started…

  • First, about 2-3 weeks before prom, start using an exfoliating body scrub – it’ll soften and condition your skin with a luxurious, rich lather. It’s best to only scrub a few days a week, but you’ll love how touchable your skin is after.
  • Then, reach for a creamy moisturizing body wash or bubbly shower gel. Both blends of body wash are fantastic, but if your skin has been a little too dry lately, you should definitely try the moisturizing body wash. (It’s clinically tested to moisturize after just one shower).
  • Now, slather on some moisturizer. Choose between body lotion or body cream and be sure to use it right after you’ve dried off from the shower to completely lock in hydration.
Speaking of…how do I pick a scent that’s best for me?

We have a complete guide (check out How to Find Your Perfect Scent), but here’s the short version...

Spoil yourself (and calm your jitters)

The night before prom is all about those final preparations and the best way to do that: a little spa night! Grab a bottle of bubble bath, a 3-wick candle, body butter and pillow mist and get chill. By the time you head to bed, you’ll be wrapped in a relaxing, restful atmosphere and ready to spend your morning getting made up for prom – no morning-of drowsiness in sight!

Pack your clutch before you go

That mini perfume or fine fragrance mist you picked up earlier? Don’t forget it – it’s your partner in crime for the night! Another goodie you can’t leave home without? A super shiny (and hydrating) lip gloss. It’ll fit right in with your look and give you a little touch of kissable shine. P.S. Think about also grabbing a PocketBac hand sanitizer for on-the-go protection.

We hope you have a night to remember! (Just don’t forget to take a few candid shots).