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Fragrance Comes Naturally to Us

100% crafted with you in mind! 100% guaranteed! 100% crafted with you in mind! 100% guaranteed!

Home fragrance — crafted with you in mind

Our 3-Wick Candles & long-lasting wallflowers are 100% crafted & 100% guaranteed

From patented soy-blend wax & perfect wicks to essential oils & artisan-designed plugs — our smallest details make the biggest difference.

Crafting our Candles

Each 3-Wick tells a story all its own. Yet every candle comes to life through the same special blend of art & science.

Candle wick coils and scissors
There’s a perfect wick for every fragrance — we use over 50 different kinds
Candle wax pour
Each candle is lovingly poured with our soy-blend wax
Candle wick placement
Every wick is placed by hand to ensure a slow, even burn

Our candles are 100% guaranteed

3-Wicks Made with Essential Oils? Naturally

Natural candles collection

Natural Candles Collection

Our new Natural Candles Collection—featuring new 3-Wicks made with pure essential oils of roots, bark, leaves & flowers—nods to nature’s perfect scents.

Wallflowers Crafted for Effortless Fragrance

Made with attention to detail & designed to diffuse long-lasting fragrance, our Wallflowers make it easy to bring new life to every room.

Oil and botanical in jar
Wallflowers provide 30 days of continuous fragrance
Wallflowers bulbs and rose in bowl
Our Wallflowers are 100% guaranteed
Wallflower bulb and lavender in bowl Oil in a small bowl

Our new Naturals Collection of Wallflowers fragrances is crafted with all-natural essential oils distilled from plants

Wallflower sketch
From sketchpad to sculpture, our designers expertly and artistically create every Wallflower plug. Each one adds unique elements of décor & beautiful fragrance to your home.

As fall approaches, we’ve been busy creating easy ways for you to reinvent your décor for the new season. Just pick a plug you love, choose your scent & breathe it in.