Goodie Bag Ideas. The perfect items to end a party on a great note.

Straight ahead: goodie bag ideas galore.

What in the world should you put in their goodie bags? It’s a question we all ask ourselves as we put the finishing touches on the wedding showers, birthdays, graduations and family get-togethers that we’re planning. Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of inspiration (whether you need one item or a whole haul) ahead, so get ready to take a few notes.

  • For graduation parties

    Send your guests off with a goodie bag full of the cutest (and most practical) travel size products. Mini body lotions, shower gels and body creams are great for those on the go, especially when celebrating someone hitting the road for college. Pick a few inspiring scents and watch the grad’s sense of adventure skyrocket – our travel size goodies basically inspire the perfect mindset to start off the grads newest chapter in life.
  • For wedding & baby showers

    Add a touch of elegance to the takeaway bags with a single wick candle. Choose from sugary sweet blends, exotic woodsy scents, classic floral aromas, or anything that fits the theme of your event. Added bonus: whenever your guests light the candle, they’ll think of your amazing wedding or baby shower. Our single wick candles are made to fit in every space (from kitchen counters to end tables and beyond) and made with the best fragrance around. Hooray for happy memories.
  • For birthdays

    Here’s a gift that’s super fun and useful: our PocketBac hand sanitizers. (And don’t even get us started on our really cute holders). Enriched with shea extract, vitamin E, essential oils and 71% alcohol, they kill 99.9% of the most common germs and keep your hands soft and clean. Plus, they fit in practically any space, from purses and backpacks to desk drawers and car consoles. And the best part? With practically unlimited fragrance options, it will be just as fun for you to pick out scents as it will be for your guests to receive them.
  • For any occasion

    Hand creams! Give your guests the gift of incredible scents and soft skin. No one’s ever happy to have dry hands, so hand creams are fantastic for any event’s goodie bags. They’re small enough for your guests to take anywhere (and to fit in any size bag) and made with only the best skin-loving ingredients, like shea butter, glycerin, paraffin or hyaluronic acid. We’d give these hydrating hand creams a round of applause for sure.

Looking for a couple more goodie bag extras? Our accessories page has plenty to explore, so shop now.