The Essential Guide: Aromatherapy Essential Oils

We’re all about fragrances that smell amazing and nourish your skin. But just as important to us? Ones that create everything from a relaxing to an uplifting atmosphere. Here’s your scoop on the essential oils that make it all possible—courtesy of Aromatherapy Headquarters.

But first, a primer

What are essential oils?

Extracted from plants by steam distillation, they’re the highly concentrated essence of fruits, flowers, herbs and trees. We then dilute them with a carrier oil, so they’re totally safe to breathe or smooth on skin.

Essential Oil cup

Why do we love them?

With so many essential oil benefits, where to start? How about 5,000 years ago? That’s when the ancient Egyptians first used them for fragrance and beauty purposes. (We wonder: What was Cleopatra’s go-to?) Today, you’ll find essential oil blends in everything from candles to lotions to pillow mists to hand soaps. With a specific vibe in mind (stress relief, energy, sleep, etc.) our product experts blend essential oils and fragrances to conjure up formulas that smell great and create an amazing ambience.

Aromatherapy Body Care

How do you use essential oils?

There are so many ways to incorporate them into your self-care routine. Feeling some chill tub time? You’re gonna want our silky-smooth bubble bath. About to head to la-la land? Slather on body lotion and spritz essential oils on your pillow. Your house can even get in on the action too—with aromatherapy Wallflowers, hand soaps and candles. Here’s the full list of ways you can use essential oils at Bath & Body Works:

  • Body cream and lotion
  • Body wash and foam bath
  • Bath soak
  • Bubble bath
  • Body oil
  • Body butter
  • Essential oil mist
  • 3-wick and single wick candle
  • Sugar scrub
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Playing favorites


What it is: A cool, refreshing plant that’s key to setting a serene scene.

Why we love it: That zen-like environment you have when listening to relaxing music? Same for eucalyptus essential oil.


Eucalyptus essential oil


What it is: An herby, beautiful floral that makes any space super-soothing.

Why we love it: Lavender essential oil is like a quiet room, a comfy pillow and a peaceful garden in a bottle.


Lavender essential oil


What it is: A warm, cozy bean extract with an uplifting scent. (Fun fact: Vanilla essential oil doesn’t exist. The next best thing? Vanilla absolute.)

Why we love it: All the bliss of eating cake and none of the calories.


Vanilla essential oil


What it is: A bright, fresh, energetic citrus extract—somewhere between a lemon and a grapefruit.

Why we love it: Bergamot essential oil is the answer when life gives you lemons (or you’re outta coffee).


Bergamot essential oil


What it is: A zesty, tangy, perky citrus extract. Also, liquid sunshine.

Why we love it: Nothing gets us going quite like a glass of fresh-squeezed OJ…and this essential oil.


Orange essential oil


What it is: A warm, spicy, energizing oil derived from the root of the plant (the rhizome, if we’re being technical).

Why we love it: Ginger oil brings the zing on those days that call for an extra shot of espresso—or seven.


Ginger oil


What it is: An herby, leafy extract that calms feelings of uncertainty.

Why we love it: If you’re into a cool-as-a-cucumber vibe, then this essential oil is your cup of tea.


Tea extract


What it is: A lively, lovely floral that promotes feelings of comfort and connection.

Why we love it: Way more than the extract of a pretty flower, rose essential oil is an aromatherapy heartthrob.


Rose essential oil


What it is: A sweet, herbaceous floral that creates a sense of well-being.

Why we love it: This essential oil screams (okay, whispers in a soothing voice) relaaaaaaax.


Chamomile essential oil
Essential Oil cup

In the mood for some essential oils?

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