Aromatherapy Headquarters Essential Oils 101

We're all about fragrances that smell amazing and nourish your skin. But just as important to us? Aromatherapy products that get those good vibes going.

Here's your scoop on the mood-boosting essential oils that make it possible.

What are Essential Oils?
Extracted from plants by steam distillation, they're the highly concentrated essence of fruits, flowers, herbs and trees.

We then dilute them with a carrier oil, so they're totally safe to breathe or smooth on skin.

Why do we love them?

With so many essential oil benefits, where to start? How about 5,000 years ago?

That's when the ancient Egyptians first used them for beauty, healing and fragrance purposes. (We wonder: What was Cleopatra's go-to?)

Today, you'll find essential oil blends in everything from candles to lotions to pillow mists to hand soaps.

With a specific mood benefit in mind (stress relief, energy, sleep, etc.) our product experts blend essential oils and fragrances to conjure up formulas that smell great and work wonders for your mood.

Playing favorites

What it is:
A cool, refreshing plant with major stress relieving power.

Why we love it:

That zen feeling you get from chill music?
Same for eucalyptus essential oil.

What it is:
An herby, beautiful floral that brings the zzz's.

Why we love it:

Lavender essential oil is like a quiet room, a comfy pillow and a peaceful garden in a bottle.

What it is:
A warm, cozy bean extract and natural smile maker. (Fun fact: Vanilla essential oil doesn't exist. The next best thing? Vanilla absolute.)

Why we love it:

All the bliss of eating cake and none of the calories.

What it is:
A bright, fresh, mood-boosting citrus extract - somewhere between a lemon and a grapefruit.

Why we love it:

Bergamot essential oil is the answer when life gives you lemons
(or you're outta coffee).

What it is:
A rich, earthy plant extract that grounds and comforts.

Why we love it:

Patchouli essential oil feels like walking out of a great yoga sesh.

In the mood for some essential oils?

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