The World's Best Spring Candles for 2020

Fresh florals. Airy sweets. Happy and bright fragrances.
Get ready to hit refresh on your home (and 3-wick stash).
The best spring candles are here.

  • What a treat

    Strawberry Pound Cake

    Airy and sweet, this strawberry candle will have you grinning all the way to Easter. Trust us: you’re gonna want more than one. Shop

    Strawberry Scented Candle Bath and Body Works

    Smells like a strawberry shortcake just came out of the oven. I love it!

  • Light the rainbow


    With notes of fresh raspberries, sparkling pear and pink lily petals, it smells as vibrant as it looks. Basically, it’s pure joy. Shop

    Fresh Spring scented candle

    Fun fact:

    Our room-filling 3-wicks keep the scent going forup to 45 (!) hours

  • Petal perfect

    Fresh Cut Lilacs

    Our best-selling floral candle instantly erases lingering thoughts of winter. It’s lilac bouquets, dewy greens and soft spring air. Shop

    Lilac Spring Candle Bath and Body Works

    Lilacs in a jar! Year after year this candle means spring’s here.

  • Island time

    Caribbean Escape

    Spring without a tropical candle? Yeah, not a thing. This returning favorite mixes melon, raspberry nectar and creamy coconut milk. Shop

    Coconut scented candle Bath and Body Works

    Immediately transports you to the beach.

  • Berry awesome

    Blueberry Pie

    A little fruity. A little savory. A lot delicious. Here’s a blueberry candle that’ll have everyone asking: "Oooh! What’s in the oven?!" Shop

    Blueberry springtime scented candle

    Fun fact:

    Each candle is made with natural essential oils and high-quality fragrances.

  • Start fresh

    Palo Santo

    You asked for this wood-scented candle…and it’s back! Earthy, incense-like notes of Palo Santo wood, warm amber and soft musk renew any space. Shop

    Wood scented Candle Bath and Body Works

    Woodsy, unique and unforgettable.

    Mostly Sunny
  • Super chill

    Lavender Vanilla

    Rainy days. Spring cleaning. This. It’s a scent so soft and soothing, you won’t mind being stuck indoors all day. Shop

    Lavender candle

    Everyone agrees: it's the best lavender candle.

  • Your go-to brew

    Vanilla Chai Latte

    When it’s not quite warm but not quite cold, reach for this transitional essential. It’s a crazy-cozy blend of blend of steamed coconut milk, chai spices, vanilla and black tea. Shop

    Vanilla chai candle, chai scented candle, vanilla scented candle

    Fun fact:

    We’re home to so many exclusive fragrances. Because more is always better.

  • Tropical twist

    Passionfruit Vanilla Cupcake

    Fresh passionfruit. Fluffy vanilla cake. White chocolate truffle. This decadent, exotic, island-inspired treat is your new obsession. Shop

    Passionfruit scented candle, cupcake candle

    Smells heavenly! Has the aroma of a delicious cupcake.


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