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The 10 Best Christmas Candles

Whether you're prepping your ho-ho home or searching for the perfect gift, the best Christmas candles of 2019 belong at the top of your list.

  1. Fresh Balsam

    “My family has a fake tree. This smells like there's a real one in the house!”

    — LaurenMariaGrace

    A Christmas tree in a jar

    This best-selling candle can be summed up in three words: instant holiday cheer. Notes of balsam and fir branches take you straight to a winter wonderland. SHOP

  2. Champagne Toast

    “10/10. Will make you wanna pour a glass to enjoy with this one.”

    — Codester23

    Pop. Fizz. Clink.

    Let the countdown to midnight begin. This holiday essential makes spirits bright with notes of bubbly champagne and sparkling berries. SHOP

  3. ‘Tis the Season

    “An annual tradition. We always have guests asking ‘what smells soooo good?!’”

    — BBWchx

    Spice and everything nice

    Apple. Cinnamon. Pine. We’ve taken the most wonderful scents of season and put them in a candle. After all, 'Tis the Season. SHOP

  4. Black Tie

    “One of my absolute favorites. My husband loves it as well, which is a bonus.”

    — JP13

    Major tuxedo vibes

    This one’s sure to fancy up any holiday soiree. Your guests will swoon over Black Tie’s glittery glow and the scent of green sage and sandalwood. SHOP

  5. Vanilla Bean Noel

    “Such a cozy scent but not too sweet. I’m in heaven!”

    — JerseyJac

    Best sugar cookie ever

    More than a candle, this iconic blend of vanilla bean, marshmallow fluff and vanilla cake is a tradition. SHOP

  6. Frosted Cranberry

    “I love this candle. It fills my home with fragrance of Christmases long ago.”

    — DIZZY1

    A festive fruity favorite

    You know those candles that just scream the holidays? That’s Frosted Cranberry. An every-year staple, it’s the scent of iced cranberries and red apple. SHOP

  7. Winter

    “I wish I could bottle up the smell of snow and winter. This is probably the closest thing to it!”

    — SarahSuz

    An instant snow day

    Bright and fresh, Winter pairs well with frosty flurries and snuggly blankets. It’s white woods and pine needles with a smidge of citrus and spice. SHOP

  8. Twisted Peppermint

    “Perfect peppermint. I love to light it while wrapping presents and listening to Christmas music.”

    — Lotion lover

    Tradition with a twist

    So not your average candy cane. Our Christmas favorite blends cool peppermint with vanilla buttercream and a dash of snow. SHOP

  9. Marshmallow Fireside

    “Smells exactly like toasting marshmallows by a fire.”

    — Stacy75

    Crazy coziness

    Bring the campfire indoors with the scent of toasted marshmallow, smoldering woods, fire roasted vanilla and crystalized amber. SHOP

  10. Winter Candy Apple

    “This candle is and will always be a favorite for the holidays.”

    — bby95

    A treat for 20 years and counting

    Candied apples, crisp pears and oranges. This most-loved candle will make your holiday get-togethers that much sweeter. SHOP

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