Wallflowers Air Fresheners

Welcome Home Wallflowers® Always-on fragrance

What are Wallflowers plug in air fresheners?
Meet your new favorite freshener! Wallflowers are automatic air fresheners that make it safe & easy to keep the air fresh with your favorite scents — 24/7!
Where can you enjoy Wallflowers plug in air fresheners?
Where there's an outlet, there's a way. From room freshener to hallway freshener to bathroom air freshener, Wallflowers are the best air fresheners for all your open spaces.
Are Wallflowers air freshener dispensers easy to set up?
Yes! Using Wallflowers as your air freshener for home is as easy as 1-2-3:

Pick a Wallflowers Plug In Air Freshener

Winter, spring, summer & fall — unique décor & scents for every season!


Choose Your Favorite Wallflowers Scents

With Wallflowers refills, your fragrance possibilities are practically endless!

Wallflowers plug ins
Endless Weekend Pineapple Mango Energy Farmstand Apple Leaves Cinnamon
& Clove
Lilac Blossom Renew & Refresh Oceanside

Enjoy 24/7 Room-Filling Fragrance for Weeks & Weeks

Sunflower Wallflower
The convenience of an air freshener plug in — whenever, wherever!
Crystal Wallflower
Pair these powerful room fresheners with your favorite Wallflowers scents for nonstop enjoyment.

What Are Scent Switching™ Wallflowers Duo Plugs?

Alternating scents every 48 hours prevents fragrance fatigue, so your home is filled with fragrance that's always fresh & always noticeable.

Tropical Wallflower
Alternate your fragrance every 48 hours
Light Wallflower
Alternate your fragrance every 48 hours

It's official! You're ready to add Wallflowers to every room

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