Little Ways to Treat Yourself. Bath & Body Works Edition.

Go ahead. Treat yourself.

Who doesn’t love a little surprise and delight? Rainbow sprinkles on an ice cream cone. Fresh out-of-the-dryer sheets. A message from one of your closest friends. All these tiny indulgences instantly make us smile, so we wanted to share the Bath & Body Works version of amazing moments with you.

  1. That feeling when you light a candle after cleaning
  2. Ahhh, the house is clean and now you can relax in style. Nothing feels quite as satisfying as sitting on your couch, picking up your cup of coffee (or tea), gazing around your clean room and enjoying that perfectly picked candle. (Bonus points if it matches the season.)

  3. Scoring an old favorite during the Semi-Annual-Sale
  4. It’s the equivalent of being reunited with your best friend…or hitting the lottery…or both! (When we find a unicorn scent, we totally stock up, too.)

  5. Pouring body wash on the floor of your shower for a quick spa session
  6. Who doesn’t love a pick-me-up before the workday? Our aromatherapy collection actually has a ton of options, so if you’re looking to energize your day or just shake off those pre-workday jitters, you’ll find a mood that’s meant for you.

  7. Being that friend who keeps everyone’s PocketBac supply well-stocked
  8. Spoiling your friends is one of the best ways to show how much you love them. Add a super cute PocketBac hand sanitizer holder and they’ll love you forever. (Don’t forget to treat yourself, too!)

  9. A gingham-lined box on your doorstep
  10. Package day is the best day ever. Just the sight of one on the doorstep instantly puts a smile on your face. (And if you’re anything like us, you’re tearing into it right way—especially when you’ve gotten some new body care that you cannot wait to use.)

  11. Wearing your favorite fragrance (even if you’re home all day)
  12. Being stuck indoors doesn’t mean you can’t smell amazing. Talk about a fragrant vacation and scent-sational, mood-boosting confidence. Send a postcard!

  13. Grabbing a new Wallflowers plug for the holidays
  14. New, fresh scents, décor and super-joyful, seasonal vibes…you literally can’t ask for more. Deck your halls, walls and gift list with everything you’ll need to keep the celebration going way past New Years.

  15. That moment when you get the first Candle Day email
  16. It can only mean one thing: your favorite holiday of the year is right around the corner. Better start making that candle’ll be here sooner than you think.

  17. Burning fall candles in July
  18. Because honestly, autumn vibes and pumpkin treats can’t come soon enough. Of course, we’re always sad to say goodbye to summer, but there’s something about fall that just makes us want to cozy up and have a relaxing night.

  19. Changing your PocketBac holder just because
  20. It’s even better when it’s glittery or makes noise. Our adorable holders are tiny little ways you can add a little joy to your day. Tip to make it even cuter: get your bestie a matching one.

  21. Exploring the store as the seasons change
  22. The sights. The smells. The surprises. It’s a great way to get a jumpstart on the season and get hyped for upcoming holidays. There are always so many new little things to love, explore and try out that you could make an afternoon of it…or a cute day date.

  23. The first pump of a new foaming hand soap
  24. Honestly, it’s so foamy and satisfying that handwashing becomes a fun habit versus a mandatory chore. And don’t even get us started with that just-opened, first-time-smelling feeling. It’s one of our favorites. For extra happiness, try making bubble art with your suds.

  25. Giving your pillow a little spritz of Lavender Vanilla
  26. Lightly mist Lavender Vanilla over your pillow and give it a few seconds to absorb. After that, lay down and dream of strolling through lavender fields. (If this sounds amazing, just wait until you wake up to it.)

  27. When your Wallflowers, 3-wick and hand soap fragrances all match
  28. It’s a pairing made in heaven (and your home). The fact that you can enjoy your favorite scents in every room is one of the most satisfying feelings ever. And it’s a great way to treat yourself to joy all day long.

  29. Spritzing a fine fragrance mist after a shower
  30. It’s like a celebratory, “hoorah!” moment post-shower. Pat yourself dry, apply lotion and spray away. Spritz a cloud and do a little spin through it. Basically, spritz like no one is watching.