Amazing deals. Delivered right to your screen(s).

Especially on the top offers page! These sweet deals should hold you over until Cyber Monday 2020.

Grab a coffee. Fire up your laptop (or phone, or tablet). The ultimate online-only shopping holiday is coming soon, and you’re going to love this year’s deals. Cyber Monday is your last chance to cash in on our epic weekend of once-a-year sales, so save a little energy for this one. Trust us: you won’t want to miss it. (And we won’t tell if you need to do some sneaky shopping at work.)

The Perfect Day for Deals, Deals, Deals

Cyber Monday is the last day of our once-a-year weekend of steals, so it’s the time to grab all the fragrances you love, at prices that’ll send you straight into stock-up mode. Build up your stash with the latest 3-Wick Candles. Slide a few Pocketbac hand sanitizers into your cart for future gifting goodness. Snag your Fine Fragrance Mist favorites for every season. The only limit is how much space you have on your shelf. (And let’s be honest: even that’s negotiable.)

Gifts They'll Love, In the Bag

Candles. Sprays. Bubble baths. Lotions. It’s all here, it’s all giftable, and our Cyber Monday deals will let you grab it all for less, whether you’re shopping for friends, family or that year-round gift stockpile. And since it’s the end of a major weekend – the closing ceremony, the final credits – it’s an ideal time to take a look at your shopping list and get anything you missed. A relaxing body scrub for Mom? Yep. The cutest candles for your sister? Done. A new cologne for Dad, or a sparkly little Wallflowers plug for your neighbor? Check and check. Who knew crossing off the wishlist could be so effortless?

Did We Mention It's Online Only?

Which makes Cyber Monday ideal for a stay-at-home shopping session or a lunch-hour browse. You’ll have access to the online exclusives and customer favorites we know you adore, along with all the fragrances and accessories that make Bath & Body Works so good. Just head to our site from any device on the day of the sale and you’ll be in.