Perfect Peony Perfume & Fragrance Collection

Coming April 6. Beautiful. Airy. Delicate. New Perfect Peony. An airy blend of peony, natural apple oil and vanilla sandalwood. Get the latest in your inbox. Sign Up.

Perfect Peony Fragrance by Bath & Body Works

Beautiful. Airy. Delicate. Take a walk through bright fields with our latest fragrance: a blend of peony, natural apple oil and vanilla sandalwood. Perfect Peony embodies a perfect spring day, with blue skies and sun-soaked pink peony petals in hand. Like the name implies, it’s basically perfect…and it all stems from the flower itself. Peonies are beautiful, unique and they smell so delicate, feminine – AKA amazing. Speaking of the scent, these key fragrance notes are it:

  • Peony: a lighthearted, delicate scent that’s as unique as you.
  • Natural Apple Oil: a crisp note that that immediately captures attention.
  • Vanilla Sandalwood: a subtle, sweet-yet-woodsy tone.

Another reason this floral fragrance is so great? It was created by the same perfumer who made the cult-classic Vanilla Bean Noel, and he knows a thing (or two) about creating instant hits.

We can’t wait for you to try our peony perfume. Shop the mini perfume soon and get the full collection on April 6.