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Everything you need to know aboutSmartSoap

About SmartSoap

Bath & Body Works brings touch-free technology to your sink with our SmartSoap System. Simply place your hand under the dispenser for the perfect amount of super-rich, fragrant foaming hand soap every time. It makes washing hands a fun, refreshing and supremely clean experience.

Our convenient SmartSoap System includes a battery-operated dispenser that is available in six colors to complement your décor. (Batteries are included.) The unit works exclusively with our SmartSoap Ultra-Rich Foaming Hand Soap Refills. This, premium formula with skin-softening silk proteins provides a luxurious, extra-rich lather and leaves skin feeling softer, smoother and silkier than ever before. Choose from a variety of your favorite Bath & Body Works fragrances and seasonal scents.

Keeping hands clean has never been easier or felt more luxurious!

SmartSoap 101

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Getting Started: Ready, Set, Soap!

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    Pull out red battery tab to remove.

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    Remove bottom seal from soap refill and insert face down into dispenser. Press firmly to "click" in place.

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    Move switch on back of dispenser to on. Battery indicator light will turn red for 5 seconds.

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    Prime unit by placing hand under nozzle. Hold for a few seconds, remove hand and repeat 5-10 times until foam dispenses.

SmartSoap FAQ

Is my SmartSoap Dispenser waterproof?
No, it is not waterproof or dishwasher safe. The unit may stop functioning properly if water gets inside. Do not submerge the dispenser in water, place under running water or let sit in standing water.
How do I clean my SmartSoap Dispenser?
Turn the unit off and wipe with a soft, damp cloth.
Does the dispenser come with batteries?
Each SmartSoap Dispenser comes with 4 AA batteries.
How do I replace the batteries?
After turning the unit off, remove the battery compartment cover. Remove batteries and insert 4 new AA alkaline or lithium batteries. Close battery compartment securely. Note: Do not mix old and new batteries, or alkaline standard and rechargeable batteries.
How long will the batteries last?
New batteries will last at least two soap refills. The red battery indicator will flash red immediately after use when the battery is low. Note: To conserve the batteries, turn the dispenser off when not in frequent use.
How much soap will I need to get my hands clean?
Our SmartSoap System is programmed to dispense just the right amount each time.
How do I change my SmartSoap Refill?
Turn the unit off. Press the eject button on the back of the dispenser and gently lift the refill out. Peel sticker off the new refill and click into place.
Can I switch to a new refill before I’ve used all of the current soap?
Yes, we’ve made switching refills fast and easy! Just make sure to wipe off any drips from the dispenser before adding a new refill. Once you’ve switched scents, the first few dispenses may contain some of the previous fragrance.
How should I store partially used refills?
Although SmartSoap Refills will not leak after partial use, we recommend storing them upside down (white cap on top).
Where can I buy SmartSoap?
Click here to contact Customer Service to find a store that carries SmartSoap near you.
I have a dispenser, but none of the stores near me sell SmartSoap. Where can I purchase refills?
Call any store that sells SmartSoap, and they will ship refills to you. Click here to contact Customer Service to find a store near you.
Didn’t find an answer to your question?
Click here to contact Customer Service. You can also refer to the detailed instructions that came with your SmartSoap Dispenser.

SmartSoap Troubleshooting

Help! I accidently got my SmartSoap Dispenser wet inside!
Turn the power switch off, and remove the soap refill and the batteries. Let the dispenser completely dry out for at least 24 hours. Put it all back together and try again. If the light doesn’t come on when you turn it on or the engine doesn’t pump, the water may have damaged the dispenser beyond repair.
My SmartSoap won’t pump. It doesn’t make a sound.
First, check to make sure the battery tab is removed and the power switch is in the ON position. Next, try new batteries. Still doesn’t work? Did you get water inside? If so, see the question above.
What does the red light mean?
The red light is lit when you first turn your unit to the ON position. It will stay red for 5 seconds.
If the red light remains lit, the soap nozzle is blocked by foam. Turn the unit OFF then wipe the nozzle clean with a cloth or towel. If this doesn’t work, try turning the unit OFF and then ON again.
If the red light is blinking, your batteries are low and will need to be replaced soon.
My SmartSoap makes a sound, but nothing comes out!
This can happen when you first use a brand new dispenser or your dispenser sits too long between uses. Simply prep the unit like you would a new refill. Need instructions? Find them here.
My SmartSoap doesn’t always pump when I put my hand in front of it.
Make sure you are placing your hand in front of the fragrance window to trigger the hand sensor.
My pump goes off by itself sometimes.
You may have gotten foam on the sensor under the nozzle. Holding your hand in front of the fragrance window should help prevent this.