A Crash Course on Back to School Must-Haves

Students, teachers, parents—consider this your virtual classroom. Because Bath & Body Works has all the back to school essentials you need to bring your fragrance A game this year.

For the backpack

Hand sanitizer

It should go without saying, but schools and germs go hand in hand. So you’ll definitely want to have our most popular, most refreshing germ-fighting gel at the ready. As essential as your no. 2 pencil, PocketBacs kill 99.9% of most common germs and meet CDC guidelines with 71% alcohol. They also come in tons of amazing fragrances so you can have clean hands and smell good. (Teachers, you’ll want to keep a few handy in your desk and bag, too.) Shop

PocketBac Hand Sanitizers at Bath & Body Works

Pro tip:

For major classroom envy, pair your PocketBac with a super-cute holder.

PocketBac Hand Sanitizer Holders at Bath and Body Works

Hand cream

Typing papers. Playing sports. Scribbling notes. Your hands go through a lot at school. Give them a break with a moisturizing hand cream that fits right in your backpack (or locker). Made with shea butter and vitamin E, this everyday essential absorbs quickly to leave your hands feeling soft, smooth and nourished. Shop

Moisturizing Hand Cream at Bath and Body Works

Pro tip:

They make amazing gifts, so pick up a few for your friends, too!

Hand Cream Gifts at Bath and Body Works

For the dorm room


Heading off to college? Whether you’re packing for a dorm room or an apartment, you’re gonna want things that make it feel (and smell) like your own. And since many places don’t allow candles, Wallflowers air fresheners are a must. Not only do they fill the air with 24/7 fragrance, but they can really change the mood of a room—especially clutch for studying...or that pile of laundry you’ve got going on. Shop

Wallflower refills at Bath and Body Works

Pro tip:

You have to check out our Wallflowers Scent ControlTM Plugs—they have three different intensities, so they’re perfect for any size room.

Wallflower air fresheners at Bath and Body Works

Concentrated room sprays

Your friends just texted. They’ll be here in two minutes and your room is a mess. We’ve been there, done that and trust us, concentrated room sprays are going to be your new BFFs. And in just two quick bursts of fragrance, your dorm room will be guest-ready instantly. Plus, they come in all your favorite scents (including seasonal ones), so they’re worth stocking up on. Shop

Room Sprays at Bath and Body Works

Pro tip:

Pick some scents that remind you of home, and you’ll be smiling all the way through homesickness.

Home scents at Bath and Body Works

For the bathroom

Shower caddy goodies

Speaking of dorm room essentials, you can’t forget about the basics like body wash. But what about the not-so-obvious ones? We’ve got two picks. The first: a body scrub that’ll bring some much-needed luxury to your shower routine. The second: a moisturizing body wash. Trust us: This two-in-one formula will come in handy when you’re in a pinch (a.k.a. oversleep). Shop

Body care at Bath and Body Works

Pro tip:

Don’t lose the loofah! It’s the next best thing to a spa day.

Body scrubs at Bath and Body Works

Hand soap

What’s the one thing everyone forgets to bring—especially to the dorm room? Hand soap! It’s something you’ll always need, so this time, we recommend picking your favorite suds and blends—from extra-bubbly foaming hand soaps to smooth, nourishing gentle gel. Added bonus: They come in so many amazing scents, you’ll want to try them all. Shop

Foaming hand soaps at Bath and Body Works

Pro tip:

Pick a bottle that matches the color scheme of your sink. Everyone loves a cohesive counter.

Hand Soaps at Bath and Body Works

For the best teacher ever

3-wick candles

“I have too many candles.” – said no professor ever. If you’re a parent looking to thank an educator for going the extra mile, you can’t go wrong with the World’s Best 3-Wick (and maybe a hand soap or two). Since you might not know what kinds of fragrances they like, lighter ones—like a vanilla or a lemon—are always a safe bet. Shop Shop

Candle gifts at Bath and Body Works

Pro tip:

Wanna really butter them up? Give them some inspo on how to repurpose the candle jar.

Reuse candle jars from Bath and Body Works

Gift cards

A.k.a. the easiest way to gift your teachers without playing the fragrance guessing game. With plenty of amazingly adorable designs (via e-gift cards or physical ones), they’ll be smiling from ear-to-ear and picking out their new signature scents in no time. Shop

Pro tip:

Add a tiny gift like a hand cream, mini fine fragrance mist or body lotion for an extra surprise.

E-Gift Cards at Bath and Body Works

Class is over.

Time to take what you’ve learned and…

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