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6 New Formulas for mind and body

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 Stress Relief

Reduce anxiety & relax your body!Eucalyptus Essential Oil helps clear your mind & Spearmint Essential Oil helps uplift your spirit

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HAVE MORE PEP!ORANGE Essential Oil uplifts your spirit & GINGER Essential Oil energizes your senses for a bright burst of fatigue-fighting energy anytime, anywhere

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SINK INTO BED!LAVENDER Essential Oil brings on a sense of tranquility & CEDARWOOD Essential Oil helps calm your mind for a night of restful & peaceful Z’s

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TUNE OUT THE NOISE!EUCALYPTUS Essential Oilhelps clear your mind, while TEA EXTRACT helps sharpen your thoughts

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BE MORE OPTIMISTIC!MANDARIN ESSENTIAL OILhelps improve your mood & BERGAMOT ESSENTIAL OILhelps increase your sense of wellbeing

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SAY BYE-BYE TO ANXIOUS THOUGHTS!VANILLA ABSOLUTEencourages relaxation & PATCHOULI ESSENTIAL OIL helps instill a sense of harmony

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Lift Your Mood
nourishing Your Skin

Our NEW wellness body care formulas feature essential oils to recharge your mind and body

  • New!Nourishing Body Oil

    Tip To Try!Use as a daily moisturizer to prep your skin for fall’s dry season. Plus! It can also be used as therapeutic massage oil

  • New!Oil-to-Cream Cleanser

    Tip To Try!Skip the loofah! Apply this as a rich, creamy cleanser or a nourishing shaving cream

  • New!24-hour Moisture Butter

    Tip To Try!You can also use this all-over moisturizer to hydrate dry spots! Add a dab to elbows, knees & heels

  • New!Essential Oil Roller Ball

    Tip To Try!Roll them on pressure points (temples, feet, wrists) during your morning routine. Throughout the day, use them for a quick fix!

  • New!Shower Steamers

    Tip To Try!Put a steamer on the shower floor & let the shower get steamy. Then, breathe in deeply. Ahhhhhh—Aromatherapy!

  • New!Bath Soak

    Tip To Try!Add the Bath Soak while filling the tub. Just before you get in, stir the water, which releases the fragrance along with the steam

Revamping Your Home—it’s essential!

Blends of essential oils in our NEW 3-Wick Candles, Wallflowers Fragrance Refills & gently cleansing Hand Soaps make it easy to transform your home & improve overall wellness!

Fragrances with 6 revitalizing essential oil blends bring new life to your home

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