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Wallflowers Refills | Wallflowers Refills 6-Pack

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Wallflowers Refills 6-Pack

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Cozy Fall Favorites
Wallflowers Refills 6-Pack Tis the Season Cozy Fall Favorites

Wallflowers from Bath & Body Works

Gardenias, lilacs, lavender — your favorite blossoms can always be in your home… regardless of what’s actually in bloom. Just plug in a Wallflowers Air Freshener from Bath & Body Works. For weeks (and weeks), they’ll fill your rooms with non-stop fragrances you love — whether they’re the kind you’d find in a flower shop or beyond.

Bedroom or beach oasis? Bathroom or upscale spa? Living room or tropical paradise? With a collection of fragrances like uplifting At The Beach and stress-relieving Eucalyptus & Spearmint, you’ll easily be second guessing where you are. Want to switch it up? Don’t miss our sampler packs. With a variety of different scents (think Mango Mai Tai and Ocean Driftwood), you can switch up your rooms’ vibes in seconds flat.

Odor is out and freshness is in! We love our pets, but sometimes our homes don’t. Thanks to our Wallflowers Air Fresheners, you can easily eliminate unwanted odors — even those from pets — and fill your rooms with vibrant fragrances, like Fresh Cotton or Brilliant Citrus… or both.

Eeny, meeny, miney… all of them? With a lineup of fragrances as captivating as ours, it’s almost impossible to settle on a single one. But, luckily, you don’t have to narrow down your options! Our scent-switching Wallflowers Duos alternate between your two favorite scents every 48 hours, so you can enjoy more than just a single scent, and prevent fragrance fatigue.

And, don’t feel like you have to leave your favorite scents at home. Hit the road with our Car Fresheners, and enjoy fragrance in the fast lane.