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CocoShea from Bath & Body Works

Looking to add more shea moisture in your life? Good plan! Try our CocoShea body care on for size. Bath & Body Works’ shea products are fabulously fragrant AND full of pure shea butter benefits. Plus, they combine the superpowers of raw cocoa butter with oh-so-nourishing shea butter. The end result? Your skin gets the 24/7 hydration it’s been coco-craving.

Combining cocoa butter lotion and shea butter body lotion into one amazing shea butter moisturizer? Now THAT is an idea! Our shea moisture body lotion truly is the best of both coconut lotion worlds. More importantly, our CocoShea body lotion is the best shea butter moisturizer for your world—and your dry skin. And there’s more moisture where it came from! From cocoa shea butter body oils to cocoa butter creams to shea body butter, our CocoShea body care has your skin’s entire hydration routine covered.

Needless to say, the beauty benefits of shea moisture body lotion and our other CocoShea products can majorly boost your skincare routine. Give CocoShea body care from Bath & Body Works a try and find out what all the ultra-conditioning, moisture-rich fabulous-ness is about. (You won’t regret it!)