Body Scrubs from Bath & Body Works

Searching for ways to get super-smooth, touchable skin in a snap? Well, you can call that search as good as over. Body Scrubs from Bath & Body Works combine exfoliants, like charcoal, sea salt, sugar, and even ground walnut shells, with your favorite fragrances to leave you with skin that’s ultra-soft and smells amazing. Add in ingredients like pineapple extract and shea butter, and you’ll wonder how your skin ever survived before.

Take your shower routine up a notch (or, like five). Whether your skin’s super sensitive or a bit more durable, our collection of scrubs includes different levels of exfoliants, so you can seamlessly integrate them into your skincare regimen. Want to know the best part? Each scrub is packed with vitamins to help you achieve the skin you want — radiant, smooth, moisturized, or all of the above.

Whatever you need to start (or end) your day — a little less stress, an extra boost of energy, the ability to focus — our aromatherapy body scrubs can help you get it. Gentle enough for everyday use, these foaming scrubs exfoliate with ground walnut shells and condition with vitamin E. Breathe deep and take in exclusive blends of natural oils that can enhance your mood and mind, as well as your body.