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Bubble Bath from Bath & Body Works

Who’s ready for a relaxing night in? Break out the face masks, put the latest podcast on blast, grab a glass of wine and run yourself a relaxing bath. Our luxurious bubble bath and bath soaks are the highlights of a chill night.

What’s a bath soak? So glad you asked: it’s a relaxing sea salt blend, jam-packed with amazing fragrances and essential oils to get you moisturized (and chilled out) to the max. Pick your favorite fragrance, available in calming and invigorating Aromatherapy blends, then simply fill up your bathtub halfway and put three to four capfuls of the soak into the tub. Good vibes? Fun? Check and check!

Sometimes we need to take a deep breath, especially when we’re in the mood for a relaxing dip in the tub. Grab a bottle of our fluffy, luxe bubble bath and get your night started off right. And are the holidays finally here? Even better. Immerse yourself in the season with exclusive holiday scents, available for a limited time.

P.S. Don’t forget to light a candle or two and pick up your favorite book – your night is off to a super-relaxing, majorly fragrant start. Hello, best evening ever.