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Bath Fizzies, Bath Bombs & Bubble Bath from Bath & Body Works

Stressful days in the office, jam-packed weekends with the family, breakfast with the girls. With schedules that are this busy, a little pampering goes a long way, and our Bath Bomb Fizzies are key for just that. Say so long to the stress of your crazy days, and slip into something fragrant and bubbly! And, the best part, these bath time essentials leave your skin super soft and smelling amazing (so you can take their soothing properties with you during your hectic days).

Fizz? Foam? Fun? Check, check, check! Our Bath Fizzies and Bath Bombs take your tub to the next level. Just pick your favorite fragrance — Watermelon Lemonade, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Pretty as a Peach — and drop it into the water. Is it holiday time? Even better. Submerge yourself in the season with exclusive holiday scents, which are available for a limited time. But, regardless of what fragrance speaks to you, each fizzy and bomb makes for an effervescent soak that’ll leave your skin oh-so-soft and touchable.

Sometimes we all just need to take a deep breath. (And when you do, it’s way more productive to breathe in air filled with one of our exclusive aromatherapy fragrances.) Whatever it is you need most — to destress, to focus, or even to sleep — our lineup of aromatherapy scents can help you achieve it. Plus, you can experience them in three ways: Bath Fizzies or Bath Bombs, Bath Soaks and Bubble Baths. So, whether you want a tub that fizzes and foams, is super therapeutic, or is ultra-luxurious, we’ve got you covered.

Also try our new collection of shower steamers. These shower tablets that provide an additional burst of fragrance with the steam of your shower are the perfect way to enjoy relaxation without the fuss of a bubble bath.