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Candle Holders

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Floral Tile
3-Wick Candle Sleeve
Add a timeless touch to your décor with a pretty pedestal for your favorite 3-Wick!
Tasteful and timeless! This raised rose gold pedestal pairs with your favorite 3-Wick to cast a lovely glow in any space.
Colorful Mosaic Luminary
3-Wick Candle Sleeve
Add the beauty of stained glass to your own home with your favorite 3-Wick and this beautiful luminary!
Place your favorite 3-Wick candle on the drop-down platform and watch the glow of stained glass dance across every space! This beautiful mosaic luminary is perfect when paired with your favorite décor, but also dazzles alone as its own centerpiece.
Heart's Gate
3-Wick Candle Sleeve
Add some classic beauty to your favorite 3-Wick with these happy hearts!
Interlocking hearts make the perfect design statement for any space. Pair this perfect metal pedestal with your favorite 3-Wick and light up your decor.
Champagne Chevron
3-Wick Candle Sleeve
Make your favorite 3-Wick shine in chevron!
A touch of classic chevron in a lovely shade of bronze adds sophistication to any space. Pair this perfect metal pedestal with your favorite 3-Wick and light up your decor.
3-Wick Candle Sleeve
Welcome fresh fragrance with a sweet pineapple pattern for your favorite 3-Wick!
Add a pop of the tropics to your décor! Bright enamel pineapples pair perfectly with your favorite 3-Wick Candle for a warm glow at home!
Vine Leaf
Medium Candle Sleeve
Delicate vines add a tranquil touch to any Medium Candle
Bring a bit of the beautiful outdoors into your space with this nickel sleeve featuring delicate vines. Fill with your favorite Medium Candle for a warm glow.
Mini Snowflake Shield
Mini Candle Sleeve
Add this fancy flake to your favorite Mini Candle to make your décor sparkle!
Make your décor sparkle with this fancy flake! A shiny metal finish and gorgeous glitter make this openwork snowflake a perfect pairing with your favorite Mini Candle.
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