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3-Wick Candle Sleeve
Wrap up your happy holiday décor with a pretty present for your favorite 3-Wick Candle!
Tis the season for pretty presents! A gift, a bell and merry ornaments decorate this shiny metal sleeve, finished with gorgeous glitter accents. Simply pair sleeve with your favorite 3-Wick Candle for a festive glow.
Snowflake Glass Hurricane
3-Wick Candle Luminary
Make a magical glow with a beautiful snowflake glass luminary for your favorite 3-Wick!
Gorgeous glass, etched with a special snowflake pattern, is the perfect way to add a festive finish to your décor! Simply place your favorite 3-Wick Candle on the shiny metal drop-in for a magical winter glow.
Spun Glass Hurricane
3-Wick Candle Luminary
Dress your décor with gorgeous glass and an iridescent shine!
Make the glow of your favorite 3-Wick Candle magical! Spun glass adds a touch of texture to your décor, while a subtle iridescent sheen brings a bit of beauty. Use the silver drop-in to easily light and delight with your favorite 3-Wick.
Copper Pumpkin
3-Wick Candle Luminary
Create an unforgettable glow with a pumpkin luminary for your favorite 3-Wick!
Create an unforgettable glow! Luminary features plenty of open space to show the glow of your favorite 3-Wick Candle while capturing the look of a perfect pumpkin.
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