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Warm Vanilla Sugar
Dazzling Daily Trio Gift Set
A sweet vanilla scent with sheer florals & sandalwood, ready to gift with a bright bow!
Surprise someone special with our Daily Trio of super-lathering Shower Gel (10 fl oz), ultra-nourishing Body Lotion (8 fl oz) and skin-loving Fine Fragrance Mist (8 fl oz)! This beautifully boxed set comes ready to gift with a glittering lid and bright bow.
$39.00 Value
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Warm Vanilla Sugar
Glitter & Good Cheer Gift Set
A sweet vanilla scent with sheer florals & sandalwood in a glittering gift bag!
Spread good cheer with an ensemble of favorites for hand & body! Gentle Foaming Hand Soap (8.75 fl oz) and Deep Cleansing Hand Soap (8 fl oz) leave hands clean, soft & oh-so-smooth. Keep the moisture going with super-hydrating Body Lotion in a full size (8 fl oz) and a convenient travel size (3 fl oz). Fragrances come ready to give in a glittering gift bag!
$30.50 Value
Award Winner
Warm Vanilla Sugar
Travel Essentials Gift Kit
A sweet indulgence with notes of sheer florals, vanilla absolute & sandalwood
The perfect travel-ready treat! This ready-to-go gift includes our travel-sized super-lathering Shower Gel & hydrating Body Lotion. Plus, our brand new PocketBac (1 fl oz) adds a blast of powerful germ fighters and skin-softening ingredients to leave hands squeaky clean and silky smooth. Treats come unassembled with a gift bag so you can wrap and give with love!
Warm Vanilla Sugar
Signature Duo Gift Set
A sweet indulgence of sheer florals, vanilla absolute & sandalwood
Guaranteed to bring a smile! A pampering pair of our super-lathering Shower Gel (10 fl oz) and ultra-moisturizing Body Lotion (8 fl oz) leaves skin soft, smooth and beautifully scented. Plus, clear wrap and a pretty ribbon make your gift-giving easy & fun!
$25.00 Value

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